National PTA Parents’ Guide to Student Success

The National PTA’s Parents’ Guide to Student Success provides an overview of what your child will learn by the end of kindergarten in mathematics and English language arts/literacy. It focuses on the key skills your child will learn in these subjects, which will build a strong foundation for success in the other subjects he or she studies throughout the school year.

This guide is based on the new Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by more than 40 states. These K–12 standards are informed by the highest state standards from across the country. If your child is meeting the expectations outlined in these standards, he or she will be well prepared for 1st grade.

English Language Arts and Literacy

Learning new language skills is a hallmark of kindergarten. Your child will learn about the alphabet and its role in reading. Your child will practice rhyming, matching words with beginning sounds, and blending sounds into words. Practice with these types of activities is a powerful step toward learning to read and spell correctly. The size of your child’s vocabulary is another key factor in his or her ability to read and comprehend books and stories. Your child also will begin to experiment with writing and will be encouraged to use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing letters to share information, ideas, and feelings.


Young children arrive in kindergarten with widely varying knowledge in math. By the end of the year, your child must have some important foundations in place. One of the most important skills your child should develop is the ability to add and subtract small numbers and use addition and subtraction to solve word problems. This will rely on gaining some fundamentals early in the year, such as counting objects to tell how many there are. Addition and subtraction will continue to be a very strong focus in math through 2nd grade

The National PTA Guide also includes ideas for activities to help your child learn at home and topics of discussion for taking to your child’s teacher about his or her academic progress.

Download National PTA’s Parents’ Guide to Student Success English, Spanish, Arabic

Vision i5 Common Core Academic Standards

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Additional Resources

Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee aims to ensure that struggling young readers get the support needed to improve.

How It Works

In kindergarten through third grade, teachers evaluate all students by September 30 of each school year to determine if they are reading as well as they should. Any children evaluated as having weak reading skills will begin immediately working through a reading improvement plan. This plan addresses each student's unique reading problems. Teachers will monitor the plan to ensure reading is improving and will work with parents to help them support the plan.