Mt. Washington School Partners

We are very proud to be a Community Learning Center that provides services to engage, educate and support our students, their families and our community. We have partners on site that provide health and wellness services, After-School enrichment programming, mental health services and parent education classes. We also have countless other partners, including community volunteers and an active PTO, that focus on the whole student throughout their journey with us.

Partnerships are carefully chosen following Parameters for Partnerships, formally stated in a Memorandum of Understanding, monitored for impact on desired student outcomes using the Learning Partner Dashboard and supported and managed by the Resource Coordinator. Community partners are determined, recruited and engaged to meet the specific and unique needs of our school community through an evaluation process called REFORM.

Mt. Washington Community Learning Center has over 120 organizations providing a wide range of services. To learn more about how your company or organization can become a Community Learning Center partner or volunteer, please contact Ilene Hayes at (513) 363-3835 or via email.

Our On-Sight Partners

Beech Acres Parenting Center — Connects Greater Cincinnati parents to programs, classes and resources to help them raise amazing kids.

Beech Acres Parenting Center’s process is designed to streamline the engagement process to a single point of contact, the Team Lead, making it easier for parents to find the help they need for their students. Services being provided include Therapy, Therapeutic Behavioral Support, Family Peer Support, Kinship and Pharmacological.

Coordinating and integrating all of our services enables our staff to better focus on, and resolve the needs of the students and their families in a timely fashion. This reduces the time teachers spend on nonacademic issues allowing for an increased focus on academics, an improvement in social-emotional learning and a decrease in disciplinary actions. To learn more, go to our Beech Acres website or contact Robert Johnson, Beech Acres Team Lead at (513) 363-3872.

Children's Home of Cincinnati — Thanks to the partnership with Children's Home of Cincinnati, we are able to provide a robust, full-time after school program that serves students from preschool through grade six. To learn more, go to our website or contact LaNitta White, Extended Care Site Coordinator at (513) 363-3851.

Learning Grove — Learning Grove leads with empathy and dedication to provide high-quality services prenatally through college and career. Learning Grove is a non-profit that has been providing educational services in Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio for over forty years. To learn more, please visit Learning Grove's website, or contact Bella Frueh, Early Childhood Resource Coordinator at Mt. Washington School, (513) 600-7422.

Mercy Health — A premier healthcare provider with more than 80 network locations throughout Cincinnati that has partnered with Mt. Washington School to provide on-site healthcare services to the students, staff and families of Mt. Washington School. Mercy Health has been serving Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods for more than 160 years. For more information, call (513) 363-3819.

To learn more about our many offsite partners, please contact Ilene Hayes at (513) 363-3835 or via email.