Grade 1

Academic Standards

Ohio and Cincinnati Public Schools have implemented academic content standards for four subjects — English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

National Parent Teacher Association (National PTA®) Guides

National PTA® First Grade Parent's Guide to Student Success

English Language Arts and Literacy

"In first grade, your child will become a more independent reader and writer. Your child will continue to learn and practice rules for recognizing the sounds that make up words and will be able to sound out more complex words. Such foundational skills are necessary and important components of developing proficient readers with the capacity to comprehend a wide range of materials. Students will learn to think about what they read and talk about the main ideas of simple stories. As they write and speak, first graders will learn to use language appropriately; this includes using complete sentences and spelling words with increasing accuracy."
—National PTA®


"In first grade, your child will build on last year’s work and gain important new skills. One of the most important outcomes for the year is to improve speed and accuracy adding with a sum of 20 or less and subtracting from a number 20 or less (e.g., 17 — 8). Another important goal in first grade is adding with a sum of 100 or less; this will rely on understanding what the digits mean in a number such as 63 (namely, 63 is six tens and three ones). Working with multi-digit addition this year will set the stage for second grade, when your child will be working with three-digit numbers and adding and subtracting with larger numbers."
—National PTA®

The National PTA® Parents’ Guide to Student Success Family Resources includes ideas for activities to help your child learn at home and topics of discussion for conversations with your child’s teacher about their academic progress.

  • Ohio’s Learning Standards
  • Be a Learning Hero includes resources developed to support your child’s learning in Math and English language arts at home. Parents can search by state, grade, subject and type and access resources to support children outside of the classroom. 

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Understanding Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee aims to ensure that struggling young readers get the support needed to improve.