Staff List

Office Personnel
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Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Phone Website Email
Acus, Patricia Teacher Grade 4 363-3827 email staff
Alexander, Crys Social Worker Student Services 363-3814 email staff
Barlage, Laura Teacher Kindergarten 363-3833 email staff
Blank, Candace Therapeutic Service Provier Beech Acres 363-3872
Brown, Jennifer Nurse Practitioner (Tuesday and Thursday) Mercy Health 363-3832 email staff
Byrne, Julie Speech Pathologist Student Services 363-3853 email staff
Couch, Debbie Teacher Grade 4 363-3839 email staff
Davis, Mary Teacher Grade 2 363-3825 email staff
Davis, Luke Plant Operator Facilities 363-3815
Dressell, Melinda Intervention Specialist Structured Unit 363-3861 email staff
Finley, Meda Lunchroom Manager Food Services 363-3898 email staff
Frueh, Bella Early Childhood Resource Coordinator Learning Grove 363-3835 email staff
Gardner, Chelsea Occupational Therapist Student Services 363-3868 email staff
Hale, Robert Art Grades K - 6 363-3843 email staff
Hanrahan, Martin Intervention Specialist Intervention (Grades 5-6) 363-3844 email staff
Holbrook, Dee Registered Nurse (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Mercy Health 363-3832 email staff
Hutchinson, Andrew Spanish Grades 1-6 363-3859 email staff
Ivanova, Elena Music Grades K - 6 363-3846 email staff
Jennings, Tracy Intervention Specialist Intervention (Grades 2-4) 363-3850 email staff
Jennings, Roxanne Teacher Preschool 363-3823 email staff
Johnson, Robert Team Lead Beech Acres 363-3834 teacher's website email staff
Klein, Donald Band Grades 3 - 6 363-3846 email staff
Lewis-Jackson, Renita Gifted Intervention Specialist Grades 3 - 6 363-3831 email staff
Lord, Amanda Teacher Grade 1 363-3837 email staff
Malosh, Annelise Teacher Grade 1 363-3826 email staff
Markham, Megan Teacher Grade 2 363-3864 email staff
Martin, Theresa Teacher Structured Unit 363-3870 email staff
Maurer, Sara Psychologist Student Services 363-3813 email staff
May, Kristi Reading Specialist Grades K-1 363-3855 email staff
McConnell, Katherine Teacher Grade 5 363-3848 email staff
Price, Pam Registered Nurse City of Cincinnati Health Department 363-3832 email staff
Pride, Robert Teacher Grade 6 363-3836 email staff
Rasmussen, Marva Strings Grades 3-6 363-3832 email staff
Raymond, Reagin Asst. School Community Coordinator / Tech Coord. Computer Lab 363-3838 email staff
Schmitz, Becca Therapeutic Service Provider Beech Acres 363-3869 teacher's website email staff
Schneider, Devon Intervention Specialist Structured Unit 363-3854 email staff
Schneider, Missy Reading Specialist Grades 2-3 363-3845
Sponsler, Andrea Teacher Grade 3 363-3829 email staff
Summer, Lisa Family Peer Support Provider Beech Acres 214-1899 teacher's website
Swantko, Randy Teacher Grade 6 363-3841 email staff
Thomas, Gloria Teacher Kindergarten 363-3828 email staff
Torain, Ebonne Teacher Preschool 363-3865 email staff
Veite, Robert Physical Education Grades K - 6 363-3849 email staff
White, La Nitta After School Progam Costars/The Children's Home 363-3851 email staff
Williams, Jennifer Teacher Grade 5 363-3832 email staff